Nathan Hipps

Web Application Developer



I currently live in the west metro Atlanta, Ga area, where I grew up as a child. I am married to my wife of over 20 years, and we have three adult-ish children. I transitioned to a career in application development after spending more than two decades in business management and sales related roles. I hold a Master’s degree in business administration and learned to build web applications through self-study. I spend most of my free time grilling, trying new restaurants with my wife or just hanging out with my Great Dane Lynyrd. I also enjoy getting tortured by watching Georgia sports teams continually falling short of winning championships.



Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc.

Smyrna, Georgia

March 1997 - October 2021

Most of my time was spent in management and sales related roles, but I was also the sole developer of some in-house web based applications that we utilized. I built an e-commerce system and marketing site that was used by two divisions of the company. I also developed a customer relationship management system that allowed us to manage long-running capital equipment sales projects.

Retail Insights, LLC

Colonia, NJ

October 2021 - Present

Working as a web application developer building solutions for fortune 500 companies.

Highlighted Projects

Battery Date Decoder PWA

This site takes a serial number and manufacturer name and will decode the date code. It is used by many service companies in the material handling industry. Forklift steel-case motive traction batteries typically have a warranty of 5 years and it is necessary to know the manufacturing date to properly service their customers. This site is a progressive web application so it can be used without data service.

MCP Clean Marketing and E-Commerce Site

MCP is a company that provides industrial cleaning equipment. I built their marketing site and incorporated e-commerce functionality that uses Stripe for the payment gateway and integrates with their internal accounting system software. They are able to market and sell replacment parts globaly and provide everything you would expect from a fully functional e-commerce product.

Funl - Customer Relationship Management Application

MCP Clean Marketing and E-Commerce Site

Funl is a CRM that was built to manage long running capital equipment sales projects. It includes all of the company's customers, contacts, products, images, documents and a fully featured quotation builder. Equipment availability and demonstration requests are also provided through this system.



PHP Programming Language

Laravel Web Framework

Javascript Programming Language

Vue Front End Framework

Nuxt SSR / SSG Vue Front End Framework

Inertia Front End / Back End SPA Adapter

PostgreSQL Relational Database

MySQL Relational Database

HTML Programming Language

CSS Programming Language

Tailwind CSS Framework